Thursday, November 21, 2019

Analyizing a Contract Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Analyizing a Contract - Research Paper Example The process stipulates about the offerings of the employers in terms of benefits, legislation and the contract also specifies regarding the entitlement of the employee as grants in terms of organizational policy, labor legislation and company benefits. Furthermore, the employment contract is also important to regulate the employee behaviors within the workplace because the organizational policies and regulations along with other disciplinary systems are the major parts of the employment contract. The employment contracts can be characterized into several types such as permanent employment, probation employment, fixed employment and project employment (SA Labour Guide, 2012). The job profile for which the employment contract has been prepared is personal assistant. The parties involved will be the employee seeking a job role as a personal assistant and the employer who is providing the specified job. This particular contract is being used in order to set forth the job related working conditions that would be provided by the employer to the employee for rendering employment. The selected employment contract does not involve any third party during the contractual process. Explanation of the Employment Contract Under the Governing Law The employment contract involves certain factors regarding the roles and the responsibilities that are mentioned by the employer in terms of providing employment. The employment contract within the United States considers administrative rules and legislations framework which are interpreted and practiced under the employment law of the country. The employment law of the country is entailed under the consideration of both federal and state government along with administrative guideline and judicial precedent (HG.Org, 2012). The various types of employment terms and conditions can be characterized in several norms. A few of those regulations are discussed below: Duties and Responsibilities The duties and the responsibilities can be cons idered among the fundamental factors, which denote the job or tasks and their detailed description. The factor significantly classifies the various roles of the employment including job description, disciplinary norms and nature of the designated position. Moreover, the employers are also authorized to carry out additional reasonable obligations as per the requirement of the enterprise. Salary According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938, the minimum wage of the employees should not be less than USD 7.25 per hour which has been amended and has been effective from July 24, 2009. In the similar context, it has also stated regarding the wage for the youth that it should not be less than USD 4.25 per hour through the first 90 days of employment under the employer (U.S. Department of Labor, n.d.). Probationary Period According to the contract of employment, the probationary period is generally conducted at the starting phase of the employment. The employer can sack the employ ee during this probationary period without any notice or caution letter. The employers also may often decide to lengthen the probationary period according to the performance or any other work related concerns. Moreover, the employment rights regarding monetary benefits and holidays are also not provided for

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